Art Singularity

伝統から革新を生み出してきた京都で「Art Singularity(アートシンギュラリティ)」をコンセプトに掲げ、アーティストが世界のマーケットを見据え、次の次元へと活躍の場を拡大するアートの特異点を目指します。

With "Singularity of Art" as concept in this city Kyoto that has created innovation from tradition, we aspire to create a dynamic shift in art, a singularity, where artists will focus on a global market expanding their stages to the next dimension.



「ARTISTS' FAIR KYOTO」はアーティストが企画、運営、出品する、全く新しいスタイルのアートフェアとして2018年に京都で誕生しました。重要文化財のホールや企業ビル等を舞台に、国内外の第一線で活躍するアーティスト、そして、彼らの推薦を受け、あるいは公募により選ばれた新進気鋭の若手アーティストたちの作品を展示するというこの取り組みは、美術展とアートフェアの境を取り払った特異な場として初回から注目を集め、2回目以降も爆発的にマーケットとしての広がりを見せ、国内外のメディアにも数多く取り上げられてきました。イベント自体は2日間という限られた期間でありながら、多くの現代アート愛好家が訪れ、会場はアーティストと観客のコミュニケーションが生み出す熱気で満たされます。前回はCOVID-19の影響により開催直前で中止になるという大変残念な結果となりましたが、4回目となる今年は、皆様の温かいご支援を受け、感染症対策にも配慮し、サテライト会場の企画展示と併せてより精錬されたフェアとして復活を果たすことができました。体験価値を量子化する刺激的な現場を、ぜひ体感しに来てください。

Quantitising the value of experiences.

The ARTISTS’ FAIR KYOTO was born in 2018 in Kyoto, as a new kind of art fair where the artists themselves would plan, manage and select for their exhibition. This event, set up in the hall of the Important Cultural Property and corporate buildings to exhibit works by domestically and internationally acclaimed artists, and the young up-and-coming artists under their recommendation or through public application, has gained a reputation from its maiden edition as a unique stage that removes the boundary of exhibition and art fair, and explosively expanded its market since, to be mentioned in the media many times worldwide. Though the event itself is limited to two days, many contemporary art lovers gather to fill the venues with the heat of the communication between artist and audience. Though the previous edition was unfortunately cancelled immediately before its opening due to the COVID-19, we have been able to return in our fourth edition this year, with your warm support, as an even more sophisticated fair along with satellite exhibitions, taking precautions against the spread of the virus. Please come to join us at the stimulating site that quantitises the value of experiences.

Director's message



Noboru Tsubaki


ARTISTS’ FAIR KYOTOの検証をここで行うにはまだ早いのだが、コロナ禍で大荒れの2020を取り巻く2つの事実を確認しようと思う。

This micro market where artists introduce artists, hosted modestly in Kyoto three times, has been blessed with the fortune of inevitably encountering the people that we needed right from the first edition. I assume that this system that we planned reached the hearts of those who had been waiting for us.
A pinpointed PR strategy using mainly the web and social media; in a time where both the ordinary and extraordinary are cased inside the smartphone, it was a great blessing to be able to create the high-touch value of experience that surpasses exchange value.

Though it is still too early to validate the ARTISTS' FAIR KYOTO here, let us confirm two realities that surround this rough 2020:
They are the two words, direct and trust, that will probably construct the world from here on. Direct, and trust. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages to the star-rating system, but the people and communities with a need, and the people and communities that create, are now becoming directly connected. Though we are a movement too small to observe in comparison to the giant art market of the world, we hope that those who support our future will empathise with us as a local model start-up. We would like to express our deep gratitude towards the organisations and individuals who have generously sponsored us under these difficult circumstances.

Advisory board

About Us

アーティストが企画、運営、出品する全く新しいスタイルのアートフェア「ARTISTS’FAIR KYOTO」は、アーティスト自らが市場開拓を試みることで、新たな価値観を創造する目的でスタートしました。

“ARTISTS’ FAIR KYOTO” is a completely new style of art fair that is planned, organized and showcased by the artists, which nurtures a new value by initiating the artists themselves in the market development process.
By creating a stage for presenting work upon the artist and audience’s relationship, and the natural culture of purchasing art, we aspire to construct in Kyoto a platform where our next generation of artists can creatively engage in cultural activities.

Kyoto Prefecture, ARTISTS’ FAIR KYOTO Organizing Committee
Kyoto Shimbun
Kyoto chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kyoto Association of Corporate Executives

New Feature

「ARCHI HATCH」のサービスを採用したオンライン展示

空間を3Dスキャンできる特殊カメラで360°撮影し、Web上で体験できる新たなドキュメンテーション・サービス「ARCHI HATCH(アーキハッチ)」のサービスを採用。ユーザーはオンラインで会場をめぐりつつ、気になる作品をクリックすると、 作品の閲覧や詳細情報の入手が可能となります。運用は3月中旬より、公式サイトにて公開予定。


Online exhibition using the "ARCHI HATCH" service

We have adopted a new documentation service called "ARCHI HATCH", which allows users to take 360° photos of a space with a special camera that can scan it in 3D and experience it on the web. While touring the venue online, users will be able to browse the works and obtain detailed information by clicking on the works they are interested in. The service will be available on the official website from mid-March.

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