田島大介 Daisuke Tajima


主な個展に、2017年「Flying Above Forced Isolation」Above Second(香港), 2020年「This is My Territory」ex-chamber museum(東京),
グループ展に、2017年 「VOCA展」上野の森美術館(東京), 2019年「Extra City+」Der-horng Art Gallery(台南), 2020年「CONNECTIONS」 Over the Influence HongKong(香港)。

Born in Nara, 1993. After studying sculpture at university in Japan, I studied abroad in Taiwan. I create artwork by combining my imagination with the memories from traveling in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. Currently based in Taiwan and Hong Kong, I have been working actively around Asia. Major solo exhibitions include “Flying Above Forced Isolation” (Above Second, Hong Kong, 2017), “This is My Territory” (ex-chamber museum, Tokyo, 2020); and group exhibitions include “VOCA Exhibition” (the Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, 2017), “Extra City+” (Der-horng Art Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan, 2019) and “CONNECTIONS” at Over the Influence Hong Kong (Hong Kong, 2020).


2015 愛知県立芸術大学彫刻専攻卒業(愛知)

2015 「アートアワードトーキョー丸の内」神谷幸江賞,丸ビル(東京)
2015 「東京ミッドタウンアワード」グランプリ,東京ミッドタウン(東京)
2016 「Young Art Award 新潮賞」ノミネート,シェラトングランデ台北(台北)
2019 「岡本太郎現代芸術賞」特別賞,川崎市岡本太郎美術館(神奈川)

2015 「怒りと圧力の街」LAD Gallery (愛知)
2017 「Flying Above Forced Isolation」Above Second(香港)
2020 「This is My Territory」ex-chamber museum(東京)

2015 「捨像考」アキバタマビ(東京)
2016 「ストリートミュージアム」東京ミッドタウン(東京)
2016 「Contemporary Cityscapes」A/D Gallery(東京)
2016 「六本木 アートナイト」ライブドローイング,東京ミッドタ ウン(東京)
2016 「Embroidery, Eastern Gouache, Sculpture」鶴軒藝術(台中)
2017 「VOCA展」上野の森美術館(東京)
2017 「巨大的投影 0」国立台湾芸術教育館(台北)
2018 「Contemporary Cityscapes vol.2」A/D Gallery(東京)
2019 「台北リターンズ」松坂屋(愛知)
2019 「Extra City+」心動藝術空間(台北)/德鴻畫廊(台南)
2019 「Mechanical Sensations」A/D Gallery(東京)
2019 「Pop-up Co-Art Exhibition」The Nate(香港)
2020 「CONNECTIONS」Over the Influence Hong Kong(香港)
2020 「Metropolice」高島屋(東京/大阪)
2020 「PERSONA」Gallery HZ(香港)
2020 「Dots, Lines, Forms」A/D Gallery(東京)

2015 「New City Art Fair」LAD Gallery(New York)
2015 「Young Art Taipei」写楽ギャラリー(台北)
2015 「Art Nagoya」LAD Gallery(愛知)
2016 「art on paper」ex-chamber museum(New York)
2016 「Young Art Taipei」写楽ギャラリー(台北)
2016 「Kaohsiung Today」德鴻畫廊(高雄)
2016 「Art Taipei」德鴻畫廊(台北)
2017 「art on paper」ex-chamber museum(New York)
2017 「Art Central」德鴻畫廊(香港)
2017 「Young Art Taipei」写楽ギャラリー(台北)
2017 「KIAFアートフェア」德鴻畫廊(ソウル)
2017 「大邱アートフェア」德鴻畫廊(デグ)
2017 「蒐集衆商」ex-chamber museum(東京)
2018 「Art Tainan」德鴻畫廊(台南)
2018 「Art Central」德鴻畫廊(香港)
2018 「Art Amoy」德鴻畫廊 (厦門)
2018 「Art Osaka」德鴻畫廊(大阪)
2018 「Art Taipei」德鴻畫廊(台北)
2019 「One Art Taipei」 写楽ギャラリー(台北)
2019 「Art in Park Hotel Tokyo」, 德鴻畫廊(東京)
2019 「Art Central」德鴻畫廊(香港)
2019 「Seattle Art Fair」ex-chamber museum(シアトル)
2019 「KIAFアートフェア」 德鴻畫廊(ソウル)
2020 「One Art Taipei 」写楽ギャラリー(台北)
2020 「Art Taichung」德鴻畫廊(台中)
2020 「Art Taipei」德鴻畫廊(台北)

2016 レジデンス・プログラム,ハワイ大学マノア校(Hawaii)
2019 レジデンス・プログラム,德鴻畫廊(台南)
2019 レジデンス・プログラム,HK WALLS,The Nate,District15,S/N Editions(香港)

2015 BFA, Sculpture, Aichi University of the Arts

2015 Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi, Yukie Kamiya Prize
2015 Tokyo Midtown Award, Grand Prize
2016 Young Art Award (Taipei), Nominated
2019 Taro Okamoto Award, Special Award

Solo Exhibitions
2015 “A City of Anger and Pressure” LAD Gallery (Aichi)
2017 “Flying Above Forced Isolation” Above Second (Hong Kong)
2020 “This is My Territory” ex-chamber museum (Tokyo)

Group Exhibitions
2015 “Sha-sho-kou” Akiba Tamabi (Tokyo)
2016 “Street Museum” Tokyo Midtown (Tokyo)
2016 “Contemporary Cityscapes” A/D Gallery (Tokyo)
2016 “Roppongi Art Night” Live drawing, Tokyo Midotown (Tokyo)
2016 “Embroidery, Eastern Gouache, Sculpture” Hoho Arts (Taichung, Taiwan)
2017 “VOCA Exhibition” The Ueno Royal Museum (Tokyo)
2017 “The Great Projection 0” Taiwan Arts Education Center (Taipei, Taiwan)
2018 “Contemporary Cityscapes vol.2” A/D Gallery, (Tokyo)
2019 “Taipei Returns” Matsuzakaya (Aichi)
2019 “Extra City+” Art Influence (Taipei) / Der-horng Art Gallery (Tainan, Taiwan)
2019 “Mechanical Sensations” A/D Gallery (Tokyo)
2020 “CONNECTIONS” Over the Influence Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
2020 “Metropolice” Takashimaya (Tokyo/Osaka)
2020 “PERSONA” Gallery HZ (Hong Kong)
2020 “Dots, Lines, Forms” A/D Gallery(Tokyo)

Art Fairs
2015 New City Art Fair with LAD Gallery (New York, USA)
2015 YOUNG ART TAIPEI with Sharaku Gallery (Taipei, Taiwan)
2015 Art Nagoya with LAD Gallery (Aichi)
2016 art on pape with ex-chamber museum (New York, USA)
2016 YOUNG ART TAIPEI with Sharaku Gallery (Taipei, Taiwan)
2016 KAOHSIUNG TODAY with Der-horng Art Gallery (Kaohsiung, Taiwan)
2016 Art Taipei with Der-horng Art Gallery (Taipei, Taiwan)
2017 art on paper with ex-chamber museum (New York, USA)
2017 Art Central Hong Kong with Der-horng Art Gallery (Hong Kong)
2017 YOUNG ART TAIPEI with Sharaku Gallery (Taipei, Taiwan)
2017 KIAF Art Fair with Der-horng Art Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
2017 Daegu Art Fair with Der-horng Art Gallery (Daegu, Korea)
2017 Selected Art Fair shu shu shu show with ex-chamber museum (Tokyo)
2018 Art TAINAN with Der-horng Art Gallery (Tainan, Taiwan)
2018 Art Central Hong Kong with Der-horng Art Gallery (Hong Kong)
2018 Art Amoy with Der-horng Art Gallery (Xiamen, China)
2018 Art Osaka with Der-horng Art Gallery (Osaka)
2018 Art Taipei with Der-horng Art Gallery (Taipei, Taiwan)
2019 ONE ART TAIPEI with Sharaku Gallery (Taipei, Taiwan)
2019 Art in Park Hotel Tokyo with Der-horng Art Gallery (Tokyo)
2019 Art Central Hong kong with Der-horng Art Gallery (Hong Kong)
2019 Seattle Art Fair with ex-chamber museum (Seattle, USA)
2019 KIAF Art Fair with Der-horng Art Gallery (Seoul, Korea)
2020 ONE ART TAIPEI with Sharaku Gallery (Taipei, Taiwan)
2020 Art Taichung with Der-horng Art Gallery (Taiwan)
2020 Art Taipei with Der-horng Art Gallery (Taipei, Taiwan)

2016 Residency Program with University with University of Hawaii (Manoa, Hawaii, USA)
2019 Residency Program with Der-horng Art Gallery (Tainan, Taiwan)
2019 Residency Program with HK Walls, The Nate, District 15, S/N Editons (Hong Kong)



Images from movies and animations that I watched when I was small, have accumulated and remained powerfully inside me; I combine these memories with what I saw travelling in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, to draw as if assembling objects in 3D.

Stress and loneliness of living in this modern society bombarded by information exist in us, and I deeply feel that this makes us forget what may be significant, and become influenced by trends of the society.

I want to fight against this reality by endlessly drawing the elements that have slept idle in inside me from long ago.




As a creator from the digitalised age.
The collective maps of buildings that Daisuke Tajima depicts, exist upon a world created after the internet, where animations and video could exist in the same large world. For example, we could refer to Noriyuki Haraguchi’s “Skyhawk” as a post-war military art. Haraguchi’s encounter with the large fighter jet at night which appeared on the highway of Yokosuka, nulled his entire life. It was a creation of the age. No such ideology exists in the battleships of Tajima’s thesis. Tajima’s military art, like his collective of buildings, is a symbolic expression of a generation completely controlled by digitalised information.

(Public/ARTISTS’ FAIR KYOTO Organising Committee)