• 高瀬栞菜「牽制し合うチーター」

  • 前端紗季「mass_10」

  • 山越美佳「GOLD MEDAL」

  • 札本彩子「首塚」

  • 野田幸江「すべてのことがまっ平らになってゆく」

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Director's message



Noboru Tsubaki


ARTISTS’ FAIR KYOTOの検証をここで行うにはまだ早いのだが、コロナ禍で大荒れの2020を取り巻く2つの事実を確認しようと思う。

This micro market where artists introduce artists, hosted modestly in Kyoto three times, has been blessed with the fortune of inevitably encountering the people that we needed right from the first edition. I assume that this system that we planned reached the hearts of those who had been waiting for us.
A pinpointed PR strategy using mainly the web and social media; in a time where both the ordinary and extraordinary are cased inside the smartphone, it was a great blessing to be able to create the high-touch value of experience that surpasses exchange value.

Though it is still too early to validate the ARTISTS' FAIR KYOTO here, let us confirm two realities that surround this rough 2020:
They are the two words, direct and trust, that will probably construct the world from here on. Direct, and trust. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages to the star-rating system, but the people and communities with a need, and the people and communities that create, are now becoming directly connected. Though we are a movement too small to observe in comparison to the giant art market of the world, we hope that those who support our future will empathise with us as a local model start-up. We would like to express our deep gratitude towards the organisations and individuals who have generously sponsored us under these difficult circumstances.