オフィセル Officell



This unit is a project unit mainly focusing on office waste material art.


2019年 ある朝オフィスが空間は美術されていたら社員はどんな反応をするのか 

岐阜大学大学院教育学研究科芸術身体表現コース 美術教育学專攻 卒業

1983年東京生まれ 。幼い頃より画家の祖父・小野木学の作品にかこまれて育つ。2003年 阿佐ヶ谷美術専門学校卒業後、ストリートアートやライブペイントの活動を始める。2009年 アーティストユニット「R type L」の一員として、海外を周りながら廃材を使った空間アートの制作活動を4年間行う。日本に帰国後も大小様々なライブハウスやクラブ、フェスティバルなどでパフォーマンスや会場の空間演出を行う。2008年より居合道場に通い日本の伝統や精神性を学び始める。そして墨による筆線の表現を始める。

Hitoshi Ikegami
After graduating from Meiji Gakuin University, he worked as a real estate salesman. He then started his own business in video production in 2015. In addition to business projects, he produces various independent works and holds film festivals.
2018-2021: Hosted the Wakabane Film Festival
2019: How will employees react if their office was suddenly spatial art one morning?

Mille Ohmori
Born in Ishikawa in 1990.
Graduated from Gifu University Graduate School, Department of Arts and Physical Expression.
Engages in various activities such as creating picture books, community development, workshops, and educational projects, all centered around the theme of creating environments that nurture the human heart.
Previous practices and works include “Forest Children’s Restaurant” with yearly workshops focused on creation, agriculture, and nature experience, and solo and group exhibitions in Gifu and Tokyo.
She has published picture books including:
1) Boku kara mitara (“From My Perspective”), a song-illustrated picture book.
2) “Under the tree”, collaborated with the residents of Suginami Ward, aiming to promote a culture of attentive listening.
3) “Mile’s Grand Adventure of Puzzles”, a puzzle-solving picture book.

Taiki Kusakabe
Born in Tokyo in 1983. He grew up surrounded by the works of his painter grandfather Onoki Gaku. After graduating from Asagaya Art College in 2003, he started his career in street art and live painting. 2009, he conducted spatial art production using waste materials while traveling abroad for four years as a member of the artist unit “R Type L”. After returning to Japan, he continued to perform and carry out the spatial design of various live houses, clubs and festivals, large and small. Since 2008, he has been going to an Iai dojo to learn the traditions and spirituality of Japan. He has since then started expressing the brush line using ink.



Our theme is “Reborn from the Office”. The exhibition is of “office garbage”, in the field of waste material art that is rapidly gaining interest. Business and art intersect – we blow a new wind into the art world while incorporating the different perspectives and interpretations of each artist. We wish to express a new aspect of the art singularity, where office furniture that have become unneeded fulfills their regenerative life in the context of art, at this art fair where diverse perspectives and artistic tastes of the world intersect.




Officell frames the ambivalent reality, that the offices meant to be a place of generating capital economy continues to generate vast amounts of office garbage into the society through the process, as art to turn negative into positive, and poverty into wealth. By bringing society into the field of art, they comment on the vagueness of the values we relish every day, while also visualising a new hope our society may be able to have.

(Public/ARTISTS’ FAIR KYOTO Organising Committee)