「 やわらかな午後の陽に 」

3/3(Thu) ~ 3/6(Sun) 10:30 - 18:00
Artist-in-Residence 賀茂なす



Artist-in-Residence 賀茂なす

AIR賀茂なすでは、ARTISTS’ FAIR KYOTO 2021でアワードを受賞した作家、藤本純輝の個展を開催いたします。

ワシリー・カンディンスキーは『抽象芸術論 芸術における精神的なもの』の中で題名の通り「精神的」という言葉を繰り返す。規律とその破壊に苛まれた彼の人生において、純粋に内的感覚に寄り添った色彩表現に移行していったが、捨てようとした「規律」が「精神性」という主題に置き換わり、主題の存在しない自由にはなかなか到達しない様子がコンポジションシリーズに見られる。藤本もまた、学んできた美術の構造・戦略・デッザンという権威から抜け出すために、そこに在るものを純粋に描き出し、見る者に解釈を委ねようと自由を求めるが、絵画的な構図の解体や「無」の東洋的定義の引用にはパラドクスが発生する。
(AIR賀茂なすコーディネーター 柳生顕代)


1997年三重県生まれ。2021年京都芸術大学大学院 芸術研究科修士課程芸術専攻 美術工芸領域油画分野修了。2021年「ARTISTS’ FAIR KYOTO 2021 Akatsuki ART AWARD」優秀賞、「シェル美術賞2021 角奈緒子賞」受賞。個展に2021年「森のテラスで一杯の紅茶を飲む」Ace Hotel Kyoto 一階ロビーギャラリー(京都)、2018年「そこに或るは真実か」京都芸術大学ギャルリ・オーブ(京都)。2021年には10展以上のグループ展に精力的に参加。

日 時 3/3(Thu) ~ 3/6(Sun) 10:30 - 18:00
会 場 Artist-in-Residence 賀茂なす
京都市下京区下長福寺町276(BANKS KYOTO 2F)
展示作家 藤本純輝
入場料 無料
主催 Artist-in-Residence 賀茂なす(art-info@ylabs.co.jp)

A solo exhibition of Atsuki Fujimoto who was awarded at the ARTISTS' FAIR KYOTO 2021 will be held at AIR Kamonasu.

You can nearly see it but cannot, but it is as if you can feel the presence... The canvas takes us on a tranquil healing journey, overlapping the painting we see in reality and memories of the past. However, Fujimoto's paintings tell that there is pain in the process of healing. In front of this unique purity and scenery that becomes abstracted, cogitation and the sympathetic nerves are forced to stop working - it is as if we have been made to take antipsychotics. For those used to the context of abstract art and contemporary art, it is difficult to give into the pursuit with no answers, as if to place oneself into a battle of repeating the universal unsolved question: where have the dead gone?
Wassily Kandinsky repeatedly uses the term 'spiritual' in Concerning the Spiritual in Art, as in the title. In his life afflicted with structure and the destruction of it, he gradually moved to expressions of colour that reflected purely on his internal senses, the structure which he tried to get rid of was replaced with the subject of the spiritual, and we can see his difficulty in reaching a freedom without a subject in the composition series. Fujimoto also tries to escape the learnt authority of structure, strategy and drawing in art, by simply depicting what is there, and seeks freedom by leaving interpretation to the viewer, however a paradox is formed between the deconstruction of structure in painting, and references to Eastern definitions of nothingness.
You can nearly see it but cannot, but it is as if you can feel the presence... this frustration and conflict is what makes Fujimoto's artwork shine, and is the eternal value of paintings that gently continues to hinder freedom.
(Akiyo Yagyu, AIR Kamonasu coordinator)

Atsuki Fujimoto

Born in 1997, Mie. Completed Masters Course in Oil Painting, Fine and Applied Arts Field, Graduate School of Kyoto University of the Arts, 2021. Awarded the award of excellence, ARTISTS' FAIR KYOTO 2021 Akatsuki ART AWARD, and the Naoko Sumi Award at the Shell Art Award 2021. Solo exhibitions include Drink a Cup of Tea on a Forest Terrace, Ace Hotel Kyoto 1F gallery (Kyoto), 2021, Is what is there the Truth, Kyoto University of the Arts Galerie Aube (Kyoto), 2018. He has been actively participating in over 10 group exhibitions in 2021.

Exhibition Title By the gentle afternoon sunlight
Dates 3/3(Thu) ~ 3/6(Sun) 10:30 - 18:00
Venue Artists-in-Residence Kamonasu
Kyoto, Shimogyo-ward, Shimochofukuji-cho 276 (BANKS KYOTO 2F)
Artist Atsuki Fujimoto
Entrance Free
Organizer Artist-in-Residence Kamonasu (art-info@ylabs.co.jp)