Not A Toy

3/3(Thu) ~ 4/25(Mon) 10:30 - 20:00
藤井大丸 1F エントランス

塩見友梨奈《A closed flower garden》2017




1987年奈良県生まれ。2012年京都芸術大学院(旧京都造形芸術大学院)芸術表現専攻染織領域終了。主な個展に、愛知県美術館APMoA Project、 ARCH「Swimming Pool」、スパイラル「2780」、グループ展には「シブカル祭。BY PARCO IN HONG KONG」など。受賞歴に「京都美術工芸新鋭展 京都美術ビエンナーレ2013選抜部門」大賞、「SICF14 -Spiral Independent Creators Festival-」グランプリ賞などがある。

日 時 3/3(Thu) ~ 4/25(Mon) 10:30 - 20:00
会 場 藤井大丸 1F エントランス
展示作家 塩見友梨奈
入場料 無料
(075-414-4222 ※9:00 - 17:00、土日祝除く)
Yurina Shiomi's artwork will be displayed in the first floor of Fujii Daimaru. With an interest in the somatic senses of non-existence, and the body left behind as an object, Shiomi creates artwork much like empty shells that feel like the shape of bodies, patchworking colourful cloth. The artwork that will be exhibited in the first floor, is a swing-like piece which's motif is taken from Daniel Keyes' The Minds of Billy Milligan - Billy Milligan, famous for his twenty-four personalities due to multiple-personality disorder; it uses twenty-four different children's textiles, and is formed of twenty-four arms. With one of the chains, children may go inside like a swing. The way that various people go in and out of the artwork, is reminiscent of Billy Milligan composed of various personalities. In the entrance, other artworks with display-window mannequins, layering various textiles will be exhibited. Shiomi's expressions based on the concept of wearing, creates connections through various wires with Fujii Daimaru, as a place where diverse tastes and cultures intersect, and proposes an ultra-sensitive lifestyle.

Yurina Shiomi

Born in 1987, Nara. Completed course in Textiles, Fine and Applied Arts Field, Graduate School, Kyoto University of the Arts (former Kyoto University of Art and Design) in 2012. Main solo exhibitions include Aichi Museum of Art APMoA Project, ARCH Swimming Pool, Spiral 2780, and group exhibitions include SHIBUKARU MATSURI BY PARCO IN HONG KONG. Awards include Grand Prize at Kyoto Art Biennale 2013 selection category, and Grand Prix at SICF -Spiral Independent Creators Festival.

Dates 3/3(Thu) ~ 4/25(Mon) 10:30 - 20:00
Venue Fujii Daimaru 1F Entrance
Kyoto, Shimogyo-ward, Teianmaeno-cho 605
Artist Yurina Shiomi
Entrance Free
Organizer ARTISTS' FAIR KYOTO Organising Committee
(075-414-4222 *9:00–17:00 closed on weekends and public holidays.)