Bhagavathi Deeptika



Born in 1995, I studied Media Arts at Nottingham Trent University, UK and pursued a career in painting. I have participate in various exhibitions and publications around the world including Sweden, United Kingdom, St Petersburg, Los Angeles etc. I was the receiver of the Third prize at the Glyndebourne Art Competition, U.K. 2021. Currently I am represented by ST-ART Amsterdam, Netherlands.


1995年 インド、西ベンガル州生まれ
ノッティンガム・トレント大学 メディアアーツ専攻 卒業(イギリス)

2021「Forces of Nature」グラインドボーン・ツアー・アート・コンペティション(サセックス、イギリス)
2021「De Refuserades salong」(マルメ、スウェーデン)
2021「Empowered」Rivre Gallery(アメリカ)
2021「New Era Exhibition」Artnumber 23(ロンドン、イギリス)
2019「Indie Comix Festival」(ニューデリー、インド)

2019「Den of Talent」(ヒマーチャル・プラデーシュ、インド)

1995, West Bengal, India
Bachelor in Media Arts at Nottingham Trent University, U.K.

2021, Forces of Nature, Glyndebourne Tour Art Competition, Sussex, U.K.
2021, De Refuserades salong, Malmo, Sweden
2021, Empowered, Premiere Exhibition, Rivre Gallery, USA
2021, New Era Exhibition, Artnumber 23, London, U.K.
2019, Indie Comix Festival, New Delhi, India
2019, Den of Talent, Artists Residency, Himachal, India


ペインティング、立体、インスタレーションと、領域をまたいで制作をしています。形を超越することへの取り組みから着想を得ています。文学や哲学など様々な分野から影響を受けることもあれば、個人の体験や経験から制作を始めることもあります。「Hear the Wind Sing」(2021年)は京都で生活していた時の経験から発展した作品で、当時の物語を直接描いたものです。

I work interdisciplinary with painting, sculpture and installation. My inspiration comes from engaging with the concept of transcendence over form. I am influenced by various sources like literature and philosophy however some of my work start from personal anecdotes and expereinces. My work, Hear the Wind Sing (2021) grew from my personal experience I had whilst living in Kyoto and is a direct narrative of that time.




Abstract expression was born in the beginning of the 20th century, and widely recognised with action painting in the 40’s in America, then became a distinctive expressive form of painting, with Informalism and Gutai.
Bhagavathi’s work is contextualised in this history, but does not place emphasis on the form. Her work attempts for the coexistence, of the conscious within the unconscious internal world (not visible) and the material outer world (visible), through the use of abstract.

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