今西真也 / Shinya Imanishi



個展「Wind,Rain,and your Words 」  Art Delight /ソウル
ARTISTS’ FAIR KYOTO 京都文化博物館 別館 /京都
個展「 ISANATORI」  nca ¦ nichido contemporary art/東京
日台文化交流展覧会マイ・コレクション展 感性の寄港地   T-ART GALLERY /東京
群馬青年ビエンナーレ2017  群馬県立近代美術館/群馬
echo of the echoes 展  西武渋谷/東京
劫後風景 galerie nichido Taipei /台湾
Artothèque Selection 展 今西真也, 熊谷亜莉沙/京都
混沌から躍り出る星たち 2015 京都造形芸術大学 次代のアーティスト展 スパイラルガーデン/東京
nca new generation project「Sensing Body」 nca | nichido contemporary art /東京
3331 Art Fair 2015 ‒Various Collectors’ Prizes‒ 3331 /東京
京都造形芸術大学大学院修了制作展 /京都
京都造形芸術大学 卒業制作展 /京都

ARTISTS’ FAIR KYOTO in The Museum of Kyoto annex / Kyoto
「ISANATORI」 in nca ¦ nichido contemporary art / Tokyo
Japan-Taiwan Cultural Exchange Exhibition Art Collection Exhibition Sensibility at Ports of Call in- T-ART GALLERY / Tokyou
The 13th Gunma Biennale for Young Artists  in The Museum of Modern Art, Gunma / Gunma
echo of the echoes exhibition   Seibu Shibuya / Tokyo
劫後風景 in galerie nichido Taipei / Taiwan
Artothèque Selection Exhibition  Shinya Imanishi, Arisa Kumagai / Kyoto
Stars popping out of Chaos 2015 in Spiral Garden / Tokyo
nca new generation project「Sensing Body」 in nca | nichido contemporary art / Tokyo
3331 Art Fair 2015 ‒Various Collectors’ Prizes‒ /Tokyo
Kyoto University of Art and Design graduate school completion Exhibition /Kyoto
2013 Kyoto University of Art and Design Graduation Exhibition / Kyoto



Shinya Imanishi creates his paintings by skillfully overlaying layers of oil paints, and repeatedly scraping them off while leaving the traces of the brush strokes. While the details of the materials come to the fore when looking at them at close range, images of degeneration and demise such as a crashed airplane or a fallen camellia emerge into view once the viewer takes some distance. At the same time, these images also evoke themes of regeneration and new beginnings, and express the fact that life and death are always inextricably linked together. They present the ambiguity and un certainty of the facts and events about which we share a common understanding, while explo ring the relationship between material and image, as well as between viewpoint and distance.


努力が報われないのは当然の事として、そんな事を気にも止めず自らのフェティッシュが突き抜けてしまう人間がそこかしこに発生する。アーティストという種族はそんな人達の仲間に違いない。誰かに強いられて行うのが「努力」であるならば、そんなものからは永遠におさらばしているのがアーティストだろう。彼の絵画はとてつもなく分厚い。地層のように何層にも何層にも堆積した油をたっぷり含んだ油田層のような重い重い油泥(絵の具とは呼ばないでおこう)に、絵筆を逆さまにして溝を穿ってゆく。何度も何度も円空や木喰のように油泥に痕跡を残してゆく。それは西欧の長い伝統で生まれた油絵の具や絵筆に対する東洋の在り方の独白のようにも見える。モノクロームの断層が延々と続く画面に吸い込まれたあと、遠い地質時代の地球の呼吸に思いをはせながら、一歩一歩画面から遠ざかってゆくと、かすかではあるがそこにはイメージの残渣が置き去りにされている事を発見する。”Powers of Ten”のような時間と空間を超える抽象的な旅が彼の画面のなかで再生と消滅を繰り返す。ソウルでの個展もそろそろ始まっているはずだ、李氏朝鮮から日本に伝わった粉引の表面と油泥のフェティッシュがどんな出逢いをするのだろうか・・・。


There are people here and there who disregard the fact that effort does not pay off and simply pursue their fetish. Artists are definitely one of these species. If effort is something that one is obliged to do, artists are those who wave goodbye to such things eternally. Imanishi’s paintings are tremendously thick. He bores grooves with the brush up-side-down, into the heavy oil-based mud (let’s not call it paint), heavy as an oil field, with layer after layer of oil accumulated like the stratum. He repeatedly leaves traces in the oil-based mud like Enku and Mokujiki. It even seems like a confession about eastern practices, in regards to the oil paint and brush born under the long tradition of Western Europe. After being absorbed in the canvas of eternal monochrome faults, you will discover the subtle residues of an image left behind as you step away, one by one from the canvas, thinking about the earth’s life in a distant geological period. An abstract journey like that in Powers of Ten surpassing time and space, repeats creation and destruction in his screen. His solo exhibition in Korea should be starting soon; what kind of encounter will the powder-sprayed pottery passed on to Japan from the Joseon Dynasty make with his fetish towards oil-based mud?

(Noboru Tsubaki)

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