Mon Koutaro Ooyama



Mon Koutaro Ooyama


意識と無意識の関係性をテーマに自身の内側を探り、 原始的咆哮とも言える紋様を描く作品「ANIMA」を中心に、複数のシリーズ作品を発表している。時間・空間・光をテーマにした360℃壁画「NEXTEFX」や、意思疎通の叶わない他者をテーマにしたイラストレーション「OTHERS」などが挙げられる。
これまでに、Facebook Japan本社やユニバーサルミュージック本社、NIKE本社の壁画制作、アートプロジェクト#BCTIONの企画・監修、ライブペイントデュオDOPPELの活動や、また、Yabugarashi 名義でDJやトラック制作を行なっている。

Mon Koutaro Ooyama


Born in 1979. Graduated from Kyoto City University of the Arts, Faculty of Fine Arts. Lives in Nara. Ooyama is an artist that represents the live-painting scene in Japan. He creates mural paintings, live-paintings, installations and canvas work, as well as planning, directing and staging art projects within and outside of Japan, with a base in Tokyo.

He has many series, starting with ANIMA with a theme on the relationship between the conscious and unconscious, where he explores inside of his self and depicts patterns almost like a primitive roar. Other examples include the 360 degrees mural painting NEXTEFX with a theme of time, space and light, and the installation OTHERS on other people that we cannot communicate with.

He has created mural art for Facebook Japan HQ, Universal Music HQ, Nike HQ, planned and directed the art project #BCTION, performs as live-painting duo DOPPEL, and DJs and creates tracks under the name Yabugarashi.

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